Friday, August 14, 2009

Coin Matters Resource Page Launched

SAFE has announced the launch of its latest resource page, Coin Matters, which lists articles and others resources referencing the indiscriminate trade and its relationship to looting and illicit activities. The August newsletter announcing the new resource states:
Ancient coins are among the most abundant finds from Greek and Roman period excavations. As objects of daily life, they're an essential part of the archaeological and historical record. At the same time, huge demand for fresh sources of ancient coins makes such finds susceptible to illicit sale. The looting of coins and other portable antiquities to meet market demand vandalizes archaeological sites and forever erases knowledge that could otherwise have been preserved.

SAFE is therefore pleased to announce the launch of the Coin Matters resource page listing resources relating to the trade in ancient coins, including links or citations to peer-reviewed articles, books, and lectures. There are also several media reports on the subject from affected countries, notably from Bulgaria.

As always, SAFE welcomes suggestions for additional resources to list. Check out Coin Matters today!



I think to make a strong argument you have to show both sides, otherwise the info is used to manipulate an audience. If SAFE can make a strong case, they shouldn't post about the indiscriminate trade in coins, they should just post about the trade in coins, and then the data will make the case for them.


Who do you mean "you"? If this is addressed to SAFE as a whole, why not raise it with them?

I really do not see what "strong argument" you have in mind, the Resource pages says it is for: "furthering the public's interest, awareness, and knowledge of topics that SAFE works to bring to the forefront for global change and development".
The topics SAFE wants to bring to the forefront is what is damaging the archaeological record and that is indeed the totally indiscriminate trade in archaeological artefacts of all types which inarguably includes coins.

The "argument" is made by all the holes in sites in, for example, the Balkans.

What SAFE "should" and "should not" do is surely up to SAFE to decide.