Thursday, July 22, 2010

Somerset Hoard Declared Treasure

The discovery of a hoard containing around 52,500 Roman coins from Somerset has been widely covered in the media. The PAS blog has presented some initial findings ("Metal-Detectorist Finds Largest Pot of Roman Coins in Britain").

Today, BBC News reported that the Coroner has formerly declared the Somerset Hoard treasure. It is hoped that the enough money will be raised for the Museum of Somerset to acquire the hoard. Initial estimates suggest it may cost about £1 million.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

N&A Postings

I read in a post by David Gill (here) that this website has 49 subscribers by RSS feed. In spite of the decrease in the number of posts since last summer/fall, daily traffic remains steady.

In case readers did not already know, less frequent posting here is a consequence of my final push to complete the dissertation. I am submitting in early August. I still have many additional obligations to prepare for in the fall as soon as it is behind me. Nevertheless, I expect to give more attention to discussing numismatic topics here (e.g. research, resources, news, recent discoveries) in the fall. I am grateful to those who still frequent the website and hope to provide further content on a more regular basis in the fall. As always, suggestions are welcome.