Monday, April 20, 2009

Digest 3: Posts 51-75

"Reflections on an Acquisition" was the 75th Post on Numismatics and Archaeology. Now a couple of posts overdue, I present you with "Digest 3." For a list of all previous posts click keyword "Digest" here or on the keyword list on the left side of the page.

51. Ulterior Motives in Discussion of Looting Issues?

52. Now Online: The University of Virginia Art Museum

53. Zahi Hawass: Digging for History

54. Third Century AD Battlefield Discovered in Germany

55. Archaeology Magazine's "Under Threat" List Includes Bulgaria

56. Large Byzantine Gold Coin Hoard Found in Jerusalem

57. Abstracts for Two Numismatic Sessions at the AIA/APA Annual Meeting: "Contextual Numismatics..." (AIA) and "Coins and Identity" (APA)

58. Cultural Heritage Issues at the 2009 AIA Meeting in Philadelphia

59. The 110th AIA/APA Joint Annual Meeting Concludes: A Personal Reflection

60. Italy Returns Thousands of Looted Coins to Bulgaria

61. Another Antiquities Dealer Selling Egyptian Archaeological Goods is Arrested

62. 'Import Restrictions Imposed on Certain Archaeological Material from China'

63. Memory in Greek and Roman Coins: Call for Papers

64. Disaster in Germany: The Royal Collection of Hannover for Sale!!!

65. Celator, Caelator, or Signator: What was a Roman Die-Engraver Called?

66. Police Action with Antiquities and Ancient Coins in Germany: Some Clarifications and a Call for Reason.

67. Illegal Metal Detecting in Britain and the World

68. Some Recent Discussions about Nighthawking and the Ancient Coin Trade

69. Numismatics and Archaeology on Facebook

70. The Geldmuseum of the Deutsche Bundesbank and Chocolate Euro Notes

71. Wildwinds Hacked

72. Commodification of Antiquities as a Means of Protection?

73. Course: "Picture Language on Roman Coins: Approaches and Interpretations"

74. Donation of Auction Catalogues by Prof. T.V. Buttrey and the Staff of the Fitzwilliam, Cambridge

75. Reflections on an Acquisition