Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Snible Discusses the COINS Project

Ed Snible has posted a most intriguing discussion of the COINS project, an EU project developing computer software which would allow the tracking of numismatic objects. COINS is an acronym for "Combat On-Line Illegal Numismatic Sales."

In addition to having the potential to track the sale and history of numismatic objects, the software has other applications, such as promoting forgery detection, which Ed discusses.

As I understand it, Ed is a computer guru and knows what he is talking about. I have has also referred to Ed's Celator editorial before, in which he discussed and outlined the potential utility of keeping records of ancient coin sales in seeking solutions to the problem of looting.

For anyone who has an interest in electronic applications to numismatic studies, I recommend his discussion. Read it at "Software from Coins."


Anonymous said...

It's becoming almost traditional for me to pop up on your blog and go, "That was me!" but I was, indeed, on the team of the COINS Project, because the Fitzwilliam was one of the contributing institutions. The actual software was completed some time ago but due to illness of a team member has taken its time to be put up for download. Mr Snible's actual testing of our work is going to be very useful to us and others who are able to do so will help a lot, but I don't know as yet whether further money exists to refine these tools. For those less technical, meanwhile, I have a paper coming out describing the project's work for the educated layman in the volume coming out of this call for papers, hopefully early next year. I can supply you with a preprint if you would find it useful. I'd also point out that reports on all parts of the project are downloadable from its page here.