Tuesday, July 20, 2010

N&A Postings

I read in a post by David Gill (here) that this website has 49 subscribers by RSS feed. In spite of the decrease in the number of posts since last summer/fall, daily traffic remains steady.

In case readers did not already know, less frequent posting here is a consequence of my final push to complete the dissertation. I am submitting in early August. I still have many additional obligations to prepare for in the fall as soon as it is behind me. Nevertheless, I expect to give more attention to discussing numismatic topics here (e.g. research, resources, news, recent discoveries) in the fall. I am grateful to those who still frequent the website and hope to provide further content on a more regular basis in the fall. As always, suggestions are welcome.



A classics professor at yale who has a blog and is teaching a course on ancient greek and roman sport? Too good to be true. Look forward to shopping in the fall-Jordan Schneider, Class of 2012


Hi Jordan,

I'm not a Classics professor. I'm attached to the Art Gallery and will be officially post-doc by the time the fall semester begins. But you're right; I am planning to lead a course on sport and spectacle in the Classics Department in the fall.

See you then.